Stills Crowne Plaza Yas Island – Brunch Review

We try the reintroduced Daydream Brunch 2.0 – A European inspired culinary adventure

The Experience Team embarked on a culinary escapade at The Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi – Yas Island, immersing themselves in the reimagined and relaunched Saturday afternoon brunch at Stills, the Daydream 2.0, brunch expertly curated by the culinary virtuoso, Chef Krishna.


Stills, with its rustic charm and contemporary flair, served as the perfect backdrop for this gastronomic journey. The ambiance, a seamless blend of casual elegance and vibrant energy, set the tone for an unforgettable experience. The restaurant exuded warmth, making it an inviting space to savor the culinary delights about to unfold.

Situated at the lobby level of the hotel, Stills has ample seating inside, there is table seating available or you can sit at what is said to be the longest bar counter in Abu Dhabi, you can also opt to sit outside on the patio where a stage has been set up and the resident band, ‘Talk of the Town Duo’ plays while you enjoy the food and the views.

The Food

The brunch boasted an array of diverse stations, each a culinary spectacle in itself. At the entrance you are greeted by the Johnny Walker station which boasts a life size statue of Johnny and several huge bottles of his signature beverage, perfect place to start your brunch experience.

As you move in the first thing you see is the unique Tartine Counter featuring exquisitely crafted bite size portion in various colors and shapes, this is a must try.

Next up is the bakery counter featuring a huge variety of freshly baked bread and some very unique and colorful croissants that we loved.

The salad counter is next and is stocked with a huge variety of salads from across the globe artfully plated and looking oh so tempting, they also have a mix your own salad section with fresh veg and some very tasty dressings

A huge Oyster bar is next with an amazing variety of oysters along with other delicasies from the sea all neatly plated on ice to keep them fresh and tasty. The oysters and the rock shrimp are amazing

Now for something out of the ordinary, the cured meat counter, we havent seen such a huge spread of cured meat at any buffet, there is even a seperate cured salmom station with four varieties to choose from.

Then there are these trays of delicately sliced and cured vegetables excuisitely plated begging to be tried, a perfect accompanyment to the salon or the meat.

We pass the neat little soup counter which has two kinds of soups to choose form one a vegetarian option.

We step out onto the patio to the aroma and sizzle of chicken fajitas being grilled to use as filling for his soft shell tacos, the variety of sauces and condiments availabe here is exciting and so are the, various types of salsa of varying heat and a killer beef chili we loved. On stage the resident band ‘Talk of the Town Duo’ plays adding to teh ambiance.

As if all this was not enough outside the traditional Stills BBQ Hub is fired up and ready with a selection of meat to grill to your order. You can also go with the amazingly tender smoked brisket or the turkey and choose from the variety of steamed and grilled veggies on offer along with an array of sauces, the brisket was our favourite today.

Adding to this is a huge section on the side of the actual mains which feature the chefs specialties, espresso short ribs and his wagyu beef pies along with a good selection of international favourites, we just had space for some of the delectable ribs and shared one of his amazing pies.

Inside there are still food counters to explore, placed along one side opposite the bar, if this is the longest bar in Abu Dhabi than the Daydream Brunch is the longest brunch as the various food counters continue further than the bar completely enveloping the bar!

We stop to admire the cheese counter which features a good variety of cheeses artistically displayed with grape, nuts and berry pairings that are irresistable.

The very unique Ice Cream sashimi counter is next and there is a long counter full of exquisitely prepared desserts, fresh fruit and a chocolate fountain to round off the offerings Word of advice is you must save space for the desserts some were awesome.

The Service

The service was a highlight of the experience – attentive without being intrusive. The staff, well-versed in the menu, guided diners through the culinary offerings, adding a personal touch to the overall dining experience.

The venue manager and chef were there all the time chatting with guests and answering questions, we had a great time getting to know the new members of staff and getting reacquainted with the older ones.

The Verdict

Chef Krishna’s mastery was evident in every dish, as he artfully combined flavours and textures to create a symphony for the taste buds.

From the seafood extravaganza featuring the freshest catches prepared with finesse, to the live grill station where the aroma of perfectly charred meats wafted through the air, every corner beckoned with promise.

The dessert spread resembled a confectionery wonderland. Each bite was a revelation, a testament to the chef’s dedication to culinary excellence.

The Conclusion

As the afternoon unfolded, it became evident that Stills at Crowne Plaza Yas Island was not merely a restaurant; it was a culinary odyssey. The reimagined Saturday brunch was a testament to Chef Krishna’s culinary prowess and Stills’ commitment to providing an unparalleled dining experience.

Whether you’re a gastronomic enthusiast or someone seeking a leisurely weekend indulgence, Stills promises a journey of flavours that lingers in your memory, leaving you eagerly anticipating the next visit to this culinary haven.

The Details

Below are all the details on the Daydream Brunch 2.0. For reservations and further information please call +971 2 656 3066

What – Daydream Brunch 2.0 / When – Every Saturday | 12:30 PM – 4 PM / Where – Stills, Crowne Plaza Yas Island

Price: AED 189 – Soft Beverages /AED 289 – House Beverages / AED 349 – Bubbly Package

Kids (6-12 Years) – AED 79 (Kids below 6 years are free)

Post-Brunch Package:

The excitement doesn’t end with the brunch at Stills. Extend the fun with the After-Brunch package at Filini Garden for only AED 149*. From 4 PM to 7 PM, you can enjoy the lively ambience and delightful drinks and continue the revelry every Saturday.

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