What will it take to end hunger and malnutrition in South Sudan?

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UN warns Africa’s youngest nation is facing a food crisis.

South Sudan is on the verge of a devastating hunger catastrophe, the World Food Programme has warned.

In its short history, Africa’s youngest country has been battered by armed conflict and the effects of climate change.

Now, the influx of half a million people – escaping the violence in neighbouring Sudan – is worsening an already precarious humanitarian situation.

Aid agencies say more funding and unhindered access is vital to provide millions of South Sudanese with desperately needed food assistance.

But how challenging is it to secure this funding? And what can be done to address the mass displacement of people from across the border?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Angelina Nyajima – Executive director of Hope Restoration South Sudan, a non-governmental organisation that runs humanitarian and peace-building programmes

Alan Boswell – Horn of Africa director for the International Crisis Group

Gemma Snowdon – Head of communications at the World Food Programme in South Sudan

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