What message do Palestinian Christians send by cancelling Christmas?

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Celebrations are muted in the occupied territories as Israel’s war on Gaza rages.

Usually bustling with visitors from around the world this time of year, Bethlehem is empty this Christmas.

Festivities are muted in the occupied West Bank as Israel shows no sign of ending its onslaught in Gaza.

Israeli bombs do not discriminate. Everything and everyone in the strip is a target: from hospitals to schools, mosques to churches.

So what is the significance of cancelling this year’s festivities in Bethlehem?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Riham Jafari – ActionAid’s communications and advocacy coordinator

Frank Bosman – associate professor of cultural theology at the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

Sami El-Yousef – CEO of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

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