What has Russia achieved during two years of war in Ukraine?

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The bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War II moves into its third year.

The cost of the Russia-Ukraine war is already enormous: tens of thousands of soldiers killed on both sides; thousands of civilians dead; and millions of Ukrainians forced from their bombed-out towns and cities.

Yet there is little sign of an end in sight.

Russian President Vladimir Putin remains defiant – saying there will be no peace until his country’s goals are met. Meanwhile, Ukraine is again appealing for more donations to replace dwindling supplies of ammunition.

The European Union agreed to a new package worth $54bn earlier this month. But the United States Congress cannot agree upon their support package.

It is election year in the US and Republicans are arguing over whether to extend the military lifeline to Ukraine – a delay that could put more pressure on NATO.

So, is the Russia-Ukraine war one that can be won? Who is benefiting? And where might Putin set his sights next?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Pavel Felgenhauer – Moscow-based defence analyst and former columnist for Novaya Gazeta

Stefan Wolff – Professor of international security at the University of Birmingham

Hanna Shelest – Security Studies Program director at Ukrainian Prism, non-governmental analytical centre

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