Is Israel’s killing of civilians putting ceasefire talks at risk?

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Calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza are growing louder.

More than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed and tens of thousands injured in Israel’s war on Gaza.

The United Nations has warned of famine, and says the healthcare system is on its knees. But nearly five months since the start of the devastating war, there is no let up in Israel’s daily attacks.

Qatar, the United States and Egypt have been mediating talks for a ceasefire, but there are fears the constant bombardment could threaten those discussions.

Israel’s killing of more than 100 Palestinians as they waited to collect food on Thursday is threatening to inflame the region.

But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists his military offensive will continue until his goals are achieved.

So, what does that mean for ceasefire negotiations?

Presenter: Jonah Hull


Yossi Beilin – Former Israeli justice minister

Ibrahim Fraihat – Associate professor of conflict resolution at the Doha Institute

Mohammed Cherkaoui – Professor of conflict resolution and diplomacy at George Mason University

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