Hamburg airport closed after armed man breaches security

The attacker drove a car through a barrier and fired two shots in the air; all flights were cancelled.

The airport in the northern German port city of Hamburg was closed and flights were cancelled after an armed man breached a gate with his vehicle and fired two shots in the air in what police called a “hostage situation”.

The gunman broke through a gate at about 8pm (19:00 GMT) on Saturday and drove onto the apron of the airport – where aircraft are parked, unloaded and refuelled – federal police spokesperson Thomas Gerbert told the dpa news agency.

“There is currently a major police operation on the tarmac at Hamburg Airport,” wrote Hamburg police on X.

“We are on site with a large contingent of emergency services. We are currently assuming a static hostage situation,” they added.

Police said no one appeared to be injured, but the airport announced it was closed for takeoffs and landings.

“Due to a police measure on the apron of Hamburg Airport, there will be no take-offs and landings today, November 4. All affected passengers should contact the airline directly,” the airport said on its website.

A spokesperson for the airport said 27 flights had been affected.

After firing the shots, the person threw two burning bottles out of the vehicle, police said.

The police spokesperson said a child was in the car. German daily Bild reported there were two children in his vehicle.

Police also said the man’s wife had previously contacted them about a possible child abduction.

Gerbert said a large number of officers from state and federal police were on-site and in the vicinity of the vehicle. They are “very robustly equipped”, he said.

In October, authorities closed the same airport due to an attack threat on a flight from Tehran to Hamburg.

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