Will Sudan’s latest agreement bring an end to military rule?

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From: Inside Story

A new deal between military leaders and political groups promises a civilian government and elections.

Sudan’s military leaders have signed a new agreement with a coalition of pro-democracy parties.

It aims to pave the way to civilian rule, replacing the generals who seized power in October last year.

Several countries – including the United States – have welcomed the deal.

But there is significant opposition to it in Sudan, which has seen several widespread protests over the past year in which 120 people have been killed.

The resistance committees leading these demonstrations say the new agreement simply restores a partnership between the military and political elite.

How is this deal different from others that have failed?

Presenter: Cyril Vanier


Alaaeldin Awad Mohamed Nogoud – Sudanese Consultants and Specialists Committee

Kholood Khair – Founding Director, Confluence Advisory

Alan Boswell – Horn of Africa Director, International Crisis Group

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