Why are some countries rethinking ties with the British monarchy?

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The United Kingdom is celebrating its longest-reigning monarch with four days of pomp and pageantry.

The festivities mark Queen Elizabeth the Second’s historic Platinum Jubilee.

But even as the 96-year old is celebrated at home, the milestone has renewed debate in some countries about whether to sever ties with the UK’s royalty.

The Queen is head of the Commonwealth which is made up of 54 independent countries. Nearly all of them were once under British rule.

In addition to the United Kingdom, she is also monarch of 14 countries. But several Caribbean nations such as Jamaica and the Bahamas have indicated they want to part ways with the Queen.

They are considering removing her as their head of state. That is a move Barbados made last year, saying it was time to leave its colonial past behind.

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Philip Murphy – Director of history and policy, Institute of Historical Research

Renee Landell – Doctoral researcher in Caribbean studies, Royal Holloway, University of London

Patrick Gathara – Political commentator

Published On 4 Jun 2022

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