Peace talks and propaganda: Russia’s war on Ukraine continues

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Zelenskyy talks directly to Russian reporters, and Putin’s promised scaling back of the war fails to materialise. Plus, Fanpage; the new face of Italian media.

A new front opened up in the war in Ukraine this past week – a diplomatic one. Talk of peace, amid acts of war. And actions, on the battlefields of Ukraine, speak louder than words do, in Istanbul.


Eilish Hart – Senior news editor, Meduza English

Ilya Yablokov – Lecturer in journalism and digital media, University of Sheffield

Katia Patin – Multimedia editor, Coda Story

Tikhon Dzyadko – Editor-in-chief, TV Dozhd

On our radar:

The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has ordered some of his forces into Ukraine, but it seems more like a PR stunt. Producer Tariq Nafi explains how the Chechen forces are being utilised in the propaganda war.

Fanpage: Changing the Face(book) of Italy’s media landscape

From Facebook, into the mainstream – the news outlets transforming Italy’s media one platform at a time.


Francesco Cancellato – Editor-in-chief, Fanpage

Alessio Cornia – Assistant professor, Dublin City University & Research Associate, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford

Serena Danna – Deputy editor, Open

Gaia Martignetti – Video reporter, Fanpage

Published On 2 Apr 2022

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