How to Get a Dubai Ecommerce License

To set up an ecommerce site in Dubai, you need to get the proper license. This will protect your brand name and allow your products to be sold on other marketplaces. There are many options to choose from if you’re looking for a license to launch an E-Commerce store.

Dubai’s ecommerce license

Ecommerce licenses are required in order to launch an online business from Dubai. There are several methods to obtain an ecommerce license, and it all depends on what kind of business you have.

A license is typically granted to a small business by choosing the correct jurisdiction and registering with appropriate government agencies. Creative Zone or another service provider in UAE may be able to assist you. The cost to obtain an ecommerce permit in Dubai is very affordable.

The ecommerce license will make life easier for many. The UAE’s ecommerce sector is expanding quickly and is expected to reach $20 Billion by 2021. This is why the sector is making such an impact.

The Dubai Department of Economic Development is the authority that issues a UAE ecommerce license. It also has several other responsibilities. These include marketing management, talent procurement, capital repatriation, and profits. The agency offers advice and helps companies navigate complex regulations.

Internet marketing is a great way to promote your products and services to a wider audience. Internet marketing is not only effective for reaching customers, but you can also use it to ship physical goods.

The best thing is that it’s very easy to do. You can start an ecommerce site in either the mainland or the free zone. It all depends on your needs. The difference in the free areas is that your legal structure will not be limited. You will have to sell in certain regions, or pay a tax on imports.

In order to get a UAE ecommerce permit, you need to locate a company that is experienced in ecommerce. Connect Middle East, a company that has been in the business for more than twenty years offers a complete range of services to facilitate online trading.

Business license Portal license

E-commerce has grown to be one of UAE’s fastest-growing industries. Datareport claims that 90% of UAE residents have access to the internet. This has made it possible for many businesses to shift to online business models.

A Dubai license will be required for any e-commerce firm. There are two types. The first, the etrader plan, is only for nationals of UAE. The second is a portal license that is applicable to online shops.

Dubai’s e-commerce market has many advantages. This type of business allows you to expand your reach beyond the local market. It can also be used to sell physical products. It also allows you to receive payments via your online business.

The best thing about getting your e trader or portal license, is how easy it is to do. The only thing you might need to pay is a modest fee. The price of your license will depend on the type business you run and the authority that you work with.

It is important to determine which type e-commerce license will be required. You can choose one of three types of e-commerce licenses depending on what you need. All licenses come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

The etrader plan may be the best option out of all the possible ecommerce licensing options. The cost is much lower than the other options and you have access to tax breaks and other benefits. The application form must be completed and you will need to provide proof of your address and identification.

A portal license, which allows you to list a business on the official UAE government portal, can be obtained for a small fee. This license is for businesses that only have a few items to sell on their site. This is an excellent way to connect sellers and buyers.

A Dubai-based restaurant owner can create an e trader scheme that will allow you to sell food online. You first need to register your company with the customs department.


Ecommerce licenses for UAE businesses are required if they want to sell their goods via the Internet. It is relatively easy to open a new business by getting an ecommerce permit.

First, you need to select a suitable trade name before you can apply for an ecommerce licensing. It should be unique, and not be used by any other company. Then you can start to register your company.

After registering the business, you’ll need to pay a license fee. It is easy and quick. Dubai Economic Department issues an operating permit. This permits you to open your business in DSO’s Administrative Zone.

The UAE also offers a number of free zones where you can set up your business. These zones offer numerous services, including ecommerce. These areas are very simple to set up and offer many benefits. A free zone provides many advantages and is ideal for testing out the market. Additionally, they allow for simple customs clearance.

A UAE ecommerce permit can provide many benefits. There are many benefits to obtaining an ecommerce license in the UAE.

There are several types of ecommerce licensing. You have the choice of a general or service trading license, a license for industrial use, or a holding licence. Each type has its specific requirements. A general trade license permits you to trade with a wider range of items. You can extend the scope of your company by adding additional business activities.

An ecommerce certificate allows you to sell products and collect online payments. In order to expand your business, you will be able to hire more people. In just a few short weeks, you can have your business up and running with AED 10,000.

Customers can shop online through an ecommerce certificate. You can offer customers door–to–door shipping. This is a great opportunity to test market conditions before you commit to a full-fledged venture.

A Dubai ecommerce permit can make your venture very profitable. It is possible to earn as much as 50% of your earnings. Profits can also be earned abroad, which means you have the opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits.

Connect Free Zone

Dubai Ecommerce license permits you to sell goods online, collect payments and operate an online business. This is especially true since more people are interested in online shopping.

Dubai’s ecommerce license is easy to obtain. There are many ways you can apply for one. The process is quick and easy, taking less than two hours. It is also reasonably inexpensive.

The decision to open an ecommerce store in a non-domestic area or free zone depends on several factors. A free zone is the best place to start a business if your goal is to test the market and not commit yourself to a particular location. It is important that you get a business permit from the appropriate authorities.

There are many UAE free zones that offer ecommerce licensing. Sharjah is where you will find the lowest price. Fujairah Creative City also offers ecommerce licenses. It offers ecommerce permits for just 8,000 EED. This fee does NOT include the initial capital.

Another option is to open a business in Abu Dhabi. This will help you avoid dealing with local officials and vendors. A benefit of this arrangement is that personal taxes are not necessary.

Once you have an ecommerce license in Dubai you can start selling products in the UAE. You will need web hosting, domain names, and fast Internet connections. You have several options for payment in the UAE. These include Stripe, HyperPay, and MoneyGram.

Working from home is another option. For those who work from home, all that is required is a computer with an internet connection.

UAE is a great place to do business. The country has a lot of Internet users, and this makes it a very popular destination. The country boasts some of the fastest broadband speeds in the entire world. This means you can do lots of things in a relatively short time.

UAE’s ecommerce infrastructure is growing, with new warehouses and order administration. This industry is on the verge of expanding with more and more companies signing up. How to Get a Dubai Ecommerce License

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