How to get a Cryptocurrency License in Dubai

Cryptocurrency License in Dubai, UAE

Are you planning to start a cryptocurrency License in Dubai? If so, you should be aware of the requirements for a Cryptocurrency License in DMCC. The license is affordable, but it doesn’t cover financial services or cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, you will need to invest AED 500,00 in the company. But, the benefits of getting a DMCC license far outweigh the cost. 

DMCC is the popular Business Hub for Cryptocurrency Companies

Aside from its financial support, DMCC is also home to several crypto firms. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Arab Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority, aiming to collaborate with crypto companies and regulate them. In addition to this, DMCC offers a competitive free zone license, making it an excellent choice for cryptocurrency companies looking to expand their business in the UAE.

To get a DMCC cryptocurrency license, it is essential to have office space, and it requires a tenancy agreement and a minimum capital of AED 50,000. DMCC also requires applicants to have sufficient money to operate for six months and comply with government requirements. Once approved, a DMCC crypto license will be issued. If your company wants to work in the UAE, you should consult with business professionals.

Once approved, you can open your office in the UAE’s DMCC-free zone. To operate in the free zone, you must first obtain a license for cryptocurrency. The process is relatively simple, and we can help you set up your business in a free zone in the UAE. You will need to present your operational expenses and capital resources documentation and a copy of your Establishment Card to the relevant authorities.

Dubai’s government has recognized the potential of blockchain technology and has introduced regulatory frameworks conducive to crypto firms. It is helping to cement Dubai’s reputation as a technology leader. The DMCC has collaborated with CV VC and CV Labs to establish a supportive regulatory environment for cryptocurrency firms in Dubai. The free zone allows cryptocurrency exchange, regulated by the UAE’s Securities and Commodities Authority. This framework will enable crypto firms to operate in the UAE efficiently while still maintaining robust governance.

Types of Crypto License in Dubai, UAE

The DMCC Free Zone Authority issues two types of crypto licenses. These licenses are required to conduct cold cryptocurrency storage and trading with personal funds. However, you should note that these licenses are not applicable for operating a crypto exchange. The two types of crypto licenses issued by the DMCC are 

  • Cryptocurrency trading license
  • Distributed Ledger Technology Services license.

Crypto Trading License

The DMCC Free Zone Authority issues Crypto Trading Licenses to companies interested in investing in or trading in digital currencies. These licenses allow companies to conduct proprietary trading in crypto communities. To receive a license, the company must be incorporated in a free zone, have a minimum share capital of AED 50,000, and meet specific regulatory requirements. The following steps are necessary for applying for a DMCC license.

Before applying for a DMCC Crypto trading license, ensure you meet the minimum requirements of the licensing board. These licenses only cover companies engaged in proprietary trading in Crypto commodities, and they do not allow the company to conduct the financial activity or brokerage services. This license also prohibits companies from marketing regulated products or services to customers. However, it is possible to obtain a license by pursuing a course of study or attending a DMCC-approved training course.

In addition to obtaining a license in DMCC, you must hire a Compliance Officer to oversee your business. By Q3 of 2018, you must employ a dedicated compliance officer and access a third-party Compliance Hub that offers support to cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. Obtaining a Crypto Trading License in the DMCC is the simplest and quickest way to start crypto trading in the UAE. However, there are some licensing quirks that you should be aware of.

Distributed Ledger Technology Services

A DMCC license will enable you to provide database management solutions and associated services using distributed ledger technologies. However, a Distributed Ledger Technology Services business license will not allow you to conduct transactions in currencies or provide any financial activities. In addition, you cannot combine your DMCC license with any other activities within your business. For more information, contact us. Its policies aim to create a regulated and integrated ecosystem for the crypto and blockchain industries.

A DMCC license covers all services a business may need, including ancillary services based on distributed ledger technologies. Among these services are database management solutions and blockchain. DMCC also stipulates that companies operating under a Crypto license must have a share capital of AED 50,000 and cannot engage in any other business. Income tax exemption is available for Crypto companies operating in the DMCC. Besides, the Commercial Bank of Dubai allows businesses to open an exclusive digital business account. Businesses can also apply for a zero balance account, making it easy to start your own business.

DMCC licenses companies that provide a regulated platform for financial activity, including trading and storage. However, the license does not apply to cryptocurrency exchanges, as these entities have yet to register with the DMCC. However, the DMCC is a good option for businesses that want to provide distributed ledger technologies. However, before you begin trading in a new currency, you must first acquire a DMCC license. A DMCC license is a one-time fee, which will reflect the total cost of operating the business.

Requirements for Obtaining a Cryptocurrency License in Dubai, UAE

The first step to obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Dubai is establishing a business in an economic free zone. The company must have adequate capital and must have incorporated with an authorized free zone. The company must comply with business setup procedures in the free zone and receive pre-approval from the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority. Once you’ve obtained your license, you can start offering crypto assets.

The requirements for a DMCC crypto license include traceability, market capitalization, price volatility, and minimum share capital. The license cannot be clubbed with another type of business. For this license, you must have minimum money of AED 50,000 and obtain DMCC’s preliminary approval. Moreover, you must follow DMCC regulations and meet the requirements set forth by the regulatory authority.

The DMCC has recently issued new regulations regarding the trading of crypto-assets. To get a license, providers must comply with UAE laws, data protection regulations, and cybersecurity standards. Companies seeking to offer cryptocurrency services in the UAE should contact us. We have experienced professionals who can help applicants apply and meet the regulatory requirements. We will assist you with the application process and respond to queries from the Office.

To become a crypto-centric business in Dubai, you must get a license from the DMCC. DMCC only issues licenses for registered and regulated companies in the country and those with experience in the cryptocurrency industry. This licensing process is time-consuming but can lead to lucrative ventures for companies. However, once you have a license, you can move forward with your business.

Process for Cryptocurrency License in Dubai, UAE

The process requires the company to meet specific requirements. These requirements include traceability, market capitalization, volatility, and KYC (Know Your Customer) norms. The license must be obtained only after the company has been registered with the relevant free-zone jurisdiction. Engaging in a service that provides both online and offline support is recommended.

The first step in getting a cryptocurrency license is to form a company with the Dubai Multi-Commodities Center (DMCC). This is the UAE’s version of the Central Bank. The business must adhere to strict laws and security measures regarding cyber security and secured information about its clients. The application process is relatively simple and takes less than two weeks. Once the process is complete, the applicant must pick a workplace and make the required payments.

Once the application is approved, the business will need to file a security bond and submit proof of sufficient capital. Aside from that, the company must be registered and operating in the UAE, and the SCA has established a set of guidelines for cryptocurrency businesses in Dubai. The company must demonstrate adequate capital to launch the business to begin the process. Those who are approved for a license will have access to various services and benefits, including first-class customer service.

What is the cost of the DMCC Crypto License Dubai?

Buying and selling cryptocurrency is possible through DMCC’s free zone license. This license requires traceability, market capitalization, and price volatility. Applicants must have enough capital to operate for at least six months, and they must also comply with government regulations and government requests. 

DMCC licenses require a business plan that specifies what activities you want to carry out. You can offer database management solutions using distributed ledger technology. This license is not for financial activities, such as processing payments or brokerage, and it requires a minimum share capital of AED 50,000. You can open an exclusive digital business account at the Commercial Bank of Dubai, and you can also open one with zero balances.

DMCC is the only free zone in the UAE that permits cryptocurrencies. This free zone also offers an array of incentives for crypto businesses. Its license is competitively priced, and interested companies can contact the DMCC’s crypto center for more information.

Setup your Cryptocurrency License in Dubai, UAE with Directions Business Setup

Your company’s ability to set up a cryptocurrency business in the DMCC-free zone will undoubtedly benefit and grow. We can help you set up a cryptocurrency business in the UAE, and we also offer a low-cost license for the DMCC zone.

The best opportunity to register your business in a DMCC-free zone is for established and budding cryptocurrency companies. QuickBiz, one of the most reputable UAE business setup companies, can assist you in getting your company registered in less than a week.

We will also make sure that your company setup goes smoothly. Our consultants can help you navigate the entire process, from registering your company to understanding regulatory requirements and the cost of DMCC-free zone licenses until the relevant authorities’ final approvals.

Get a Cryptocurrency License in Dubai

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is working to develop into a central hub for cryptocurrency, attracting companies to invest in the UAE’s worldwide cryptocurrency market. Because of its growing economy, business-friendly policies, modern business landscapes and other beneficial policies, the number of cryptocurrency-related companies is rapidly growing, and more SME enterprises are considering switching to the cryptocurrency world. Furthermore, Dubai has also entered the Metaverse world and enticed investors to shift to the more Metaverse-based commercial environment.
Are you also planning to begin a cryptocurrency venture in Dubai? Do not look any further since you’ve landed in the right spot.
Without further delay, dig into the article to discover how to start a crypto business in Dubai and apply for a Cryptocurrency licence in Dubai.
What Is Cryptocurrency?
Coins and tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more are digital assets that can be used to invest, trade, or conduct transactions. They can be traded and circulated without the need of any central authority for regulation, such as a bank or government. Cryptocurrencies are constructed on a decentralized, safe, and transparent technology for distributed ledgers known as the blockchain. Blockchain technology is highly secure and allows buyers and sellers to buy and trade confidently.
Investors may be able to transition into crypto-based businesses and make greater profits in the future. Additionally, the profit ratio could rise over time, based on the kind of business that you start. Some of the most profitable ideas for business in the crypto industry include NFT-based companies, crypto payment gateways, crypto loans, cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and many more.

Starting A Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai

It isn’t easy, especially when starting a cryptocurrency company in Dubai. With the variety of options, choosing the most profitable business that will yield the highest profits isn’t easy. The cryptocurrency market has the possibility of changing the entire process of business to democratize finance and create a peer-to-peer method of exchange.

Crypto License in Dubai

With the significant increase in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions around the world and new cryptocurrencies such as Tether, Polkadot, Solana and others entering the marketplace, the sector is expanding rapidly. Investors who want to invest in and begin an enterprise in cryptocurrency would need to be able to get a crypto-commercial license in Dubai to allow their businesses to be legalized. The cryptocurrency trading license available in Dubai is the best way to control all crypto transactions, purchasing and monitoring, and investing all in one.
The Cost of Cryptocurrency License in Dubai
Investors looking to start their company in crypto must satisfy the minimum requirements of the cost for a cryptocurrency licence for Dubai, which can range from AED 30 000 to AED 50000.
Cost breakdown for Crypto License
Service Name
Cost in AED

Initial Approval fee
1 035

Registration fees
9 020

Memorandum of Association MOA
2 020

Cost estimate for a crypto trading license
20 0000

Avianca Professional costs 10 000

Visa cost 6 500

Total Crypto License Cost
48 860 AED

There isn’t a fixed price for crypto licenses in Dubai; however, to get more information about the price of this license to trade costs, it’s recommended to speak with an of our setup specialists so that you obtain a guideline.
The need for a Start Crypto trading License in Dubai
In deciding to establish a crypto-based business within Dubai, investors must satisfy certain conditions for obtaining a commercial license.
Here are some items that investors are required to do:
Check that all cryptocurrency assets are integrated into the economic free zones within the UAE.
Your capital and operational resources must be made public and available for over six months.
You’ll have to keep up-to-date data and statistics regarding your financial assets and submit accurate data to the relevant authority in Dubai.
Accurate, accurate and clean records are vital to ensure a successful set up of a crypto business for Dubai, UAE.
You’ll need a crypto wallet that will protect your cryptocurrency assets.
Genuine passports are required for all participants in your business.
A DED-approved license is essential to ensure a successful crypto business setup in Dubai.
Benefits of Starting a Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai
Dubai’s crypto market has been developing over the last few years and has attracted investors to set up companies in virtual space and cryptocurrencies. Some of the advantages of establishing crypto-related businesses in Dubai are listed below:
No Taxation
Dubai always strives to implement business-friendly policies suited to businesses so they can earn more profits. Therefore, there isn’t any UAE tax currently, so businesses won’t need to pay any additional taxes and can get the most profit from their business. But, if the government decides to introduce taxation policies, the tax will comprise just 9 per cent corporate tax, which is effective beginning in July 2023. Investors or employers who operate crypt businesses in Dubai will save quite a bit of their hard-earned dollars compared to other countries.
Global Recognition of UAE
The United Arab Emirates is globally acknowledged for its business-friendly policies and top economic growth worldwide. Since becoming a world economic centre, UAE is now ready to be a top cryptocurrency business hub for future SMEs. If you are a crypto-related company in Dubai, you’ll have the chance to establish strong business connections with states and other countries worldwide. Wherever you’re running your business, you will establish strong connections with other organizations, investors, stakeholders, and buyers.
Less Compliance in UAE
There’s no additional tax for those who operate and reside in Dubai, and companies don’t need to pay corporation or income tax. There’s less tax compliance in Dubai in comparison to other nations. Therefore, Dubai is among the most advantageous locations to begin your crypto-related business within a short period.

Steps to Start a Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai

All crypto enthusiasts can start a business in cryptocurrency by following the listed steps:
Finalize Your Company Name
The most important thing is to think of an initial name that is simple, distinctive and appealing. It is also possible to select the name of your company which you can use as your trademark. Therefore, when selecting a name, make sure you choose the name that will sound memorable and complement your business too.

  • Choose The Preferred Jurisdiction

There are two alternatives available to establishing your business in Dubai. You can choose to go with the mainland or free zone to start your crypto-related business. Both free zones and the mainland have distinct advantages, and you can pick one based on your business’s type size, size, and activities. It is recommended to speak with a reputable business advisory such as Avyanco, which will help you get to the ideal spot.

  • Register for a Commercial Cryptocurrency License

When you’ve completed the above steps, then you are now able to apply for a crypto license in Dubai. To obtain your cryptocurrency license, you will be required to apply to the relevant regulator in Dubai. It is best to cooperate with a business setup service like Avyanco to make the process smooth.
Meet the Requirements
How to establish a cryptocurrency trading company in Dubai, each business has to comply with the mandatory rules, regulations, and regulations imposed through the establishment of a government. In the event of a breach, you could lead to sanctions, penalties, or even legal consequences.
Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority – VARA
Dubai is often regarded as the principal centre for crypto and blockchain and Metaverse, stimulating new industries to develop in the field of virtual assets and spaces. The UAE government has introduced the new regulation on Virtual Assets (VAL) has become a top location for crypto investors looking to invest in virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, NFTs, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more.
In the new Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum law, VARA acts as the authority to oversee, manage, control and regulate the use of crypto- and digital assets. The law provides the legal framework for firms or other organizations that deal with cryptocurrency.
How Can Avyanco Help You Setup a Crypto Business in Dubai?
According to the VARA legislation, investors need to obtain a crypto trade permit in Dubai to begin a cryptocurrency-related business. With the Cryptocurrency license issued in UAE, the business can sell and trade cryptocurrency tokens, tokens and others.

For an easy transition to business in cryptos or to start a business in cryptocurrency, it is essential to connect with an experienced business setup advisor such as MMC, which can assist you in simplifying every step, from planning to selecting a location to requesting and obtaining the crypto business license, to an effective launch of your company.

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