Watch: Spectacular Yas Island and Miami Band flash mob takes center stage in KSA and Kuwait

The flash mob took place on June 29, set against the backdrop of a Yas Island travel counter in the middle of the malls

Following the success of this year’s chart-topping summer hit, Yas Island Abu Dhabi and Miami Band have once again stunned audiences with an electrifying flash mob performance of their brand-new rendition of the iconic song ‘AACHAW’ the collaboration brought a whole new level of energy to the iconic song with an energetic performance at The Avenues Mall in Kuwait and Panorama Mall in Riyadh.

The flash mob took place on June 29, set against the backdrop of a Yas Island travel counter in the middle of the malls. The scene unfolded with a playful narrative: amid a bustling airport, two characters went head-to-head in a hilarious, mock argument about who gets to board first.  

Synchronized dance crews, like ninjas bursting from the shadows, materialized from opposite ends of the airport. Each crew, repping a different side of the boarding brawl, swept in and claimed their man, erupting into a full-blown dance battle to upbeat rhythm of ‘AACHAW’.

The audience quickly gathered, heads snapped up, phones whipped out to capture the moment, as they got swept up by the infectious beats of this revamped 90s favorite. Enthusiastic shoppers and fans eagerly joined in, moving to the rhythm, and singing along with joyous spirits.

This lively performance offered a taste of the unparalleled excitement and entertainment Yas Island Abu Dhabi has to offer, appealing to guests of all ages.

Yas Island Abu Dhabi is the region’s leading leisure and entertainment destination renowned for its award-winning theme parks, luxurious hotels, and vibrant F&B and nightlife scenes, promising unforgettable adventures and leisure experiences in one place.

For more information, please visit: https://www.yasisland.com/

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