Vibrant Ramadan Celebrations Unfold on Hudayriyat Island & Al Mugheirah Bay  

Make the Ramadan memorable, experience some of the finest Ramadan celebrations at these amazing venues this Ramadan

This Ramadan, Hudayriyat Island invites residents and visitors to celebrate cultural heritage, spirituality, and community bonding with activities designed to highlight the beauty of the Holy Month.

Friday Delights:

  • Hakawati (Storytelling): Unwind and be captivated by tales of old as a Hakawati weaves enchanting stories.
  • Solo Oud Show:  Indulge yourself in the soulful melodies of the Oud, performed live by a talented Oud player, setting the perfect ambiance for a serene Friday evening.
  • Cultural Bazaar: Explore the Friday bazaar featuring traditional abayas, intricate henna designs, and vibrant face painting.

Saturday Sensations:

  • Tarabish Band Show: Get ready for a musical journey with the Tarabish band, offering a lively performance that resonates with the joyous spirit of Saturday.
  • Solo Qanoon Performance: Experience the melodic brilliance of the Qanoon in a performance that showcases the rich musical heritage of the region.
  • Cultural Bazaar: Immerse yourself in the Saturday bazaar, featuring elegant abayas, delightful Logaimat, and exquisite henna artistry, creating a sensory feast for all.

Live Ramadan in the Traditional Souk:

We invite everyone to experience the heart of Ramadan at the traditional souk, where the spirit of the season comes alive through various activities and cultural showcases.

Dates: Every Friday and Saturday during Ramadan

Timings: 8:00pm to 1:00am on Friday and Saturday

Location: Entertainment Area and Bazaar – Hudayriyat Island

Celebrate Ramadan at Al Mugheirah Bay  

Al Mugheirah Bay, Al Dhafra Region’s vibrant entertainment marine destination developed by Modon, invites you to relive age-old traditions this Ramadan. The popular waterfront destination is taking a trip down the memory lane with a weekend program dedicated to traditional entertainment.

Let a hakawati, an Arab storyteller, enthrall you with tales and stories. And while the wistful tunes of oud, qanun, or a tarabish band transport you to years past, don’t forget to take a pic for your social media at the Instagram Zone. The cutting-edge take on the photo booth uses an AR filter to make a Ramadan landscape come alive around you in the shot.

Location: Al Mugheirah Bay, Al Dhafra Region

Dates: Every Friday and Saturday during Ramadan

Timings: 7-10:00pm on Friday, 7-11:30pm on Saturday

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