The Slice is Right! Vapiano goes Sourdough

UAE’s favourite Italian restaurant will now exclusively use sourdough bases across all pizza options in major menu upgrade

Vapiano, the popular Italian restaurant concept known for its fresh pizza and pasta, has revealed a major upgrade to its Middle East menu that includes several new-to-the-region items and its entire pizza selection switched to freshly crafted sourdough bases.

By embracing the sourdough revolution, Vapiano, which sells over 150,000 pizzas each year in the Emirates alone, is elevating its famed pizza experience as part of the groups latest commitment to quality and innovation.

With a global footprint of 140-plus restaurants across 30 countries, Vapiano is operated in the UAE by Al Ahlia General Trading Company – the rapidly progressive parent company which was conceived and established in 1979 by a group of prominent UAE nationals. The group has become a perennial favourite of UAE diners since first launching in Dubai in 2008 and its six UAE restaurants now serve over 600,000 guests each year.

Vapiano’s new pizza dough recipe is the brainchild of Enrico Maria Costa, the Pizza Category Manager at Casinetto, the Italian gourmet foods supplier, with the all-new bases set to be made fresh daily by Vapiano’s in-house pizza chef team using an exclusive sourdough starter.

Ilenia Alba, UAE Vapiano’s Operation Manager, commented: “We are very excited to introduce our artisanal Sourdough Pizzas to the world. It represents a perfect marriage of modern innovation and Italian tradition. We can’t wait for our Middle East customers to embark on this gastronomic journey with us.”

Vapiano’s Sourdough Pizza menu includes its much-loved favourites, including the classic Margherita, BBQ Chicken, and the Verdure option for vegetarians. For the first time, Vapiano will also offer a Pizza Pepperoni as a full-time menu item.

Other menu sections have also been upgraded with an array of dishes offering a symphony of flavours and tastes. The pasta selection now features the new Meatball Marinara, a perfect blend of beef meatballs and creamy tomato sauce infused with garlic, parsley onion and authentic Italian hard cheese. Additionally, guests can enjoy the new Steak Salad, which presents a combination and mix of grilled beef tenderloins, fresh cherry tomatoes, rocket, pine nuts and Italian hard cheese. Customers have the option to swap out beef for chicken breast.

Vapiano’s new dessert includes the Brownie Caramello – a handmade dessert offering a heavenly combination of salted caramel sauce with decadent brownies and velvety mascarpone cream. For coffee aficionados seeking exquisite brews, Vapiano is introducing two new selections: the Caffe Freddo Caramello and the Caffe Freddo Cioccolato.

The new menu can be found in all Vapiano stores across the Middle East.

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