Liwa Village Concludes with a Spectacular New Years Eve Celebration

Featuring a harmonious blend of culinary delights, artistic performances, retail experiences, and extraordinary spectacles, the event showcased the vibrant spirit and rich culture of the UAE

LIWA VILLAGE powered by du, in association with Wio Bank and accelerated by EXEED, marked the end of 2023 with a month-long celebration that will be etched into the memories of over 100,000 attendees who flocked to experience the extravaganza from 8 to 31 December.

Featuring a harmonious blend of culinary delights, artistic performances, retail experiences, and extraordinary spectacles, the event showcased the vibrant spirit and rich culture of the UAE. Organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, this showstopping event was a unique addition to the Liwa Festival, becoming the ultimate winter destination for anyone seeking an escape from the bustling city.

LIWA VILLAGE was an architectural wonder, boasting a unique design that seamlessly blended authenticity and modernity within an area 20% larger than the first edition. A bustling hub that catered to diverse tastes and preferences, LIWA VILLAGE comprised of seven main zones: SOUK, a traditional Emirati marketplace with awe-inspiring views from its rooftop; OASIS, a distinctive zone where the beauty of the past converges with the novelty of the present; VALLEY, where the sustainable elements blended with the allure of December’s moonlit sky and the desert’s mystical enchantment; PAVILION, a serene and calm escape to unwind and relax; CARNIVAL, a buzzing amusement park; PUBG MOBILE, a zone dedicated to showcasing the thrills and spills of this battle royale game; and the MAIN STAGE, where captivating Arabic performances took place every weekend.

Throughout the month, a diverse array of gastronomic offerings catered to every palate, making LIWA VILLAGE a delight for food enthusiasts seeking new dining experiences. F&B vendors included Ninive, Seekh by Slaw, Slaw and More, Hattam Matar, BB Social Dining, Home Bakery, Absolute Zero, Rain who collaborated with Tryano for a one-of-a-kind F&B/Retail experience. The Michelin award-winning Erth, Let’s Cafe, Harees Al Fareej, Kabab Zmanawal, Mandi Man, Mumtaz, Cartel Coffee Roasters, Dalat AlRayah, White, Glaze, Baskin Robbins, Hoka, Mamacita, Home Bakery, Leopardo, Jiggly Wiggly, Salt, Oro Pizzeria, IRDK, GOAT, and Must.

Complementing the culinary experiences were retail pop-ups that offered a mixed range of products from local and international vendors. Attendees had the opportunity to indulge in unique shopping experiences, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities.

Retail brands including, Benefit, Khalatat – Blends of Love, Michael Kors, FRND of mine, Elevenish, Odela & Co, Carter & White, Feathers, Anfansic Dokhoon, Aytamos, Dukan, IZEL Luxury, OFFEND, MQ perfumes, and The Wicker Haven Accessories, made it a true shopper’s paradise.

The cultural tapestry of LIWA VILLAGE was enriched by the grand performances that took place on the Main Stage each weekend, which featured Bandar Bin Oweer and Ghareeb Al Mokhles on 9 December, Abadi Al Johar, Aryam, and Ayed on 23 December, Ali Bin Mohamad, Diana Haddad, and Modi Al Shamrni on 30 December, and an incredible spectacle of musical prowess on New Year’s Eve that featured Khalid Abdulrahman, Eid Al Menhali, Hamad Al Ameri.

The highlight of the event was the jaw-dropping fireworks and drone show that transformed LIWA VILLAGE into a dazzling sight on New Year’s Eve. LIWA VILLAGE’s night sky became a canvas of light and colour, capturing the hearts and imaginations of all in attendance.

The month-long celebration concluded with an impressive 38% increase in the number of visitors compared to the first edition, solidifying LIWA VILLAGE’s positioning as a must-visit winter destination for those who want to experience one of the best lifestyle, entertainment and culturally-enriching desert experiences the UAE has to offer.

This remarkable success sets the precedent for the next edition of LIWA VILLAGE to be the most anticipated event of the season, leaving a lasting legacy for years to come.

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