Khalid Al Ameri joins Team Skechers

Influential Emirati Storyteller To Appear in Marketing Campaigns supporting Men’s Footwear and Apparel Collections  

Renowned Emirati content creator, journalist and storyteller Khalid Al Ameri will be appearing in Skechers marketing campaigns supporting the brand’s footwear and apparel collections for men in the Middle East. Recognized as one of the most entertaining personalities in the region and celebrated for his compelling narratives, Khalid will be begin sharing his experiences in Skechers in 2024, resonating authentically across various platforms and connections.

“I’ve worn Skechers for years now. I remember when I first visited a Skechers store where I tried on some memory foam shoes. I was immediately in love,” said Khalid Al Ameri. “It is important for me to have aesthetic shoes, but they need to be comfortable given how active and busy I am during the day. Whether it’s for presenting on stage, filming our latest video, working out at the gym, or documenting cultures and people around the world, Skechers is my best ally.” 

Archana Das, General Manager of Skechers Middle East, stated: “Khalid Al Ameri reflects what defines us: quality, sporty lifestyle, but above all, comfort. His friendly and spontaneous nature makes him an ideal figure to resonate with consumers. Featuring Khalid Al Ameri in our marketing campaign is a testament to Skechers’ commitment to connecting with diverse audiences.”

Khalid Al Ameri is an Emirati entertainer and entrepreneur, celebrated for his distinctive insights influenced by a multicultural upbringing. Following his high school education in Abu Dhabi and the completion of an MBA at Stanford, he transitioned to journalism, writing for local publications and being CNN’s first Emirati presenter with their Ramadan Show. Utilizing various social media platforms, especially YouTube, Khalid actively engages in conversations with diverse cultures and individuals worldwide. His content encompasses a range of subjects, fostering positivity and awareness. Khalid actively promotes coexistence and support through his online presence.

The range of Skechers men’s footwear and apparel collections are available in Skechers retail stores, plus department, specialty, and footwear stores around the globe.

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