Hanar – New concept coming to Yas Bay in May 2024

Transcending borders through the nostalgic specialties, rich flavors and fresh ingredients of the Mesopotamian region

Set to launch in the heart of the UAE capital’s most vibrant lifestyle destination, just steps from Etihad Arena, the cosy and fully licensed restaurant and bar will offer a unique approach to dining that is inspired by the diverse culinary heritage of the Anatolia and Mesopotamia regions.

Specializing in premium quality, tapas-style meze, kebabs and grills, Hanar takes traditional regional favorites and infuses them with a creative and modern twist. Leading guests on a journey through the rich history and diverse culinary culture of Turkey and the Gulf region, every dish is specifically designed to be shared and enjoyed in a casual and sociable format.

Introducing a fresh and inclusive approach to dining, Hanar, which translates to mean ‘Pomegranate’ in Arabic, is on a mission to transcend political borders and unite people from across the world through the magic of Anatolian and Mesopotamian cuisine.

Brimming with nostalgia, the beautiful waterfront destination invites guests to revisit fond memories from their childhood, and experience a taste of home in an elevated, yet refreshingly informal and down-to-earth setting.

Whether guests originate from Mesopotamia, or are looking to discover more about the region that now covers present-day Iraq and parts of Iran, Syria and Turkey, everyone is made to feel welcome and at home at Hanar.

Often referred to as ‘the cradle of civilization’, Mesopotamia was a vibrant melting pot of cultures, empires and continents, and this is reflected in its local cuisine. Hanar aims to showcase its fascinating history and heritage, and the fact that kebabs, fresh pomegranate, and herbs and spices such as cumin, coriander, mint and parsley are all rooted in the culinary culture of Mesopotamia.

Blending authenticity and contemporary flair, each elegant yet approachable communal plate encapsulates the true spirit of this multi-cultural and enchanting region. Celebrating diversity, understanding and new connections, and designed to encourage deep conversations and bring people together, there is truly no-where else like it in the UAE.

Hailing from Germany and from Kurdish descent, the brothers behind the ultra-successful Daikan brand were inspired to launch Hanar when they realized that there was nowhere in the UAE where they could sample the recipes and home cooked dishes of their childhood.

The Daikan brothers said: “We have always believed in selling what we personally love to eat, rather than following current trends, and we also set fair prices to ensure that our venues are as inclusive as possible. Through Hanar, we want to provide guests with a warming sense of nostalgia, and the comforting flavors and dishes that they miss from home. Hanar transcends borders, unites people of different cultures and celebrates the full diversity of Mesopotamian cuisine.


“Being Kurdish, we understand the importance of belonging and acceptance. We are proud to pay tribute to the amazing culinary specialties of Turkey, Syria and the entire Mesopotamia region, and create a safe space where everyone is welcome and free to connect and bond over communal, sharing-style dishes. We are so excited to bring the vibrant ingredients, recipes and spices of our roots and heritage to Yas Bay Waterfront for people from across the globe to experience.”

Hanar is set to open in May 2024.

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