Clebrate Ramadan at the Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi

The five-star destination invites families, corporate groups, and couples alike to experience the month-long celebration like never before

Dusk beckons the start of time-honoured traditions at Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi as the holy month of Ramadan descends onto the heart of the UAE’s capital city.

The five-star destination invites families, corporate groups, and couples alike to experience the month-long celebration like never before at its enchanting alfresco venue ‘Layali el Himliya’ and its exquisitely adorned Stratos Revolving Lounge Bar & Grill, offering a perfect blend of culinary delights, cultural richness, and moments of serenity.

Transform your Iftar and Suhoor into extraordinary experiences at Layali El Hilmiya, where guests are welcomed by an Arabic ghawa station upon stepping into the enchanting festivities of the night, all whilst exploring the celestial beauty beneath the dazzling alfresco setting and the captivating embrace of the majestic royal tents.

Enjoy a wide selection of Ramadan favourites, featuring a lavish array of international aromatic dishes that encompass the flavours of traditional Arabic cuisine, as well as modern fare from India, Asia, and the Eastern Mediterranean regions.

Enhanced by nightly entertainment and shisha service, this immersive experience promises to transport guests through a sensory journey, seamlessly blending the richness of tradition with the contemporary grandeur.

For a panoramic view that mirrors the magnificence of the occasion, ‘Iftar under the Stars’ at Stratos Revolving Lounge Bar & Grill awaits. Indulge in the chef’s Signature Josper Platter, featuring perfectly grilled traditional dishes that reach new heights of flavour. Share this exceptional moment with loved ones and savour the sweet finale with a selection of decadent desserts, turning each bite into a celebration for a memorable and enchanting Iftar experience.

As a special treat, each Iftar and Suhoor dining experience offers every guest the opportunity to unlock daily and weekly giveaways, adding an extra touch of excitement and delightful surprises to the Ramadan festivities.

Let Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi be more than just a destination for this special occasion, but a haven where the spirit of the season surrounds you in moments that resonate with joy, heartfelt connections, and the genuine warmth of shared experiences.

Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi is located within the Abu Dhabi Central Business District, steps away from the mesmerizing Corniche Street.

For additional information about Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi, or to reserve your stay, please call +971 02 674 2020, the restaurant reservations via WhatsApp at +971 800

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