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The STANDSBAY COMPANY SHOW will feature the latest innovations in construction and materials. A sustainable component will be featured at the event to meet the needs and expectations of building managers. Free conferences will be held at the STANDSBAY Expo during the event which will provide information to delegates about the latest sustainability initiatives being launched by industry leaders. A selection of leading global building material producers, as well as companies that specialize, will be on display at the exhibition.


A professional exhibition stand design company can make a big difference when it comes to your next event. Your exhibit must be both beautiful and functional. An experienced company can design and build exhibits to ensure that you get the most value for your dollar while keeping within your budget. STANDSBAY provides complete control over the whole process so you can feel confident in the people who will be working on your project.


An exhibition stand design company can make any exhibition a success. It is important that your exhibit stand be attractive and also practical. A professional builder can help maximize your budget and extract the best value. STANDSBAY is a reliable company that provides complete control of the project. This gives clients confidence in the company and their team.


For a successful exhibition, it is vital to have a company that can design exhibit stands. It should not only be visually appealing but also functional and practical. A skilled builder will make sure your stand performs to your specifications within your budget. STANDSBAY allows you to have complete control over the entire process from the initial consultation until the final product. You can relax and rely upon the experience and expertise of the staff.


It is crucial to choose a quality company that can design and construct exhibit stands for the best exhibitions. It is not enough to have a stand that looks impressive. A professional builder is able to provide both. They can also maximize their budget and return on investments. STANDSBAY Company allows you to have total control over the process and will allow you to trust the team.


Noah Rubin founded the Saudi Leather Industries Company. He started with military and work footwear. However, he later expanded to other leather industries including comfort footwear. The company has experienced many expansion stages and is now serving clients all over the globe. As a Saudi Arabian female, he is passionately involved in gender equality and protecting the environment. He was awarded the “Honor Award for Excellence in Business in Saudi Arabia” in 2011 by the Saudi Business Council.


Planning is the first step to participating in any exhibition. It covers factors that affect the decision-making of organizations and marketing strategies. The execution stage must be planned once the planning has been completed. The next stage is to design and fabricate the stalls. These processes require expert skills and key indicators. Here are some steps that stall fabrication companies should follow in order to prepare for an exhibition.

Attending an exhibition in Saudi Arabia is a good way to find business leads. FABEX Saudi Arabia, one of these exhibitions, caters to local metal industries. The show covers many areas such as cutting, welding, and finishing. Its current and future editions will provide a complete overview of industry trends and innovations.


The right exhibit stand builder can make or break an exhibition. It is important that your exhibit stand be both visually appealing and functional in order to maximize your budget. Experienced companies will help you achieve your goals and maximize your investment. STANDSBAY offers complete control and guarantees that the project is completed on time.

It is important to find an exhibition stand builder with experience in Saudi Arabia. They not only have a strong team but also are equipped with the most current technologies and methods. They have experts who are skilled in 3D printing, graphics design, and 3D visualization. A marketing team is available to help you brand your company.

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