Can Somalia’s new parliament rise to the challenge?

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Lawmakers sworn into office after an election delayed by more than a year.

It was an election where most people did not get to vote, but one the international community said was needed for stability in Somalia.

Leaders from powerful clans, civil society organisations, and regional officials picked more than 270 legislators for the new national parliament. They have been sworn in, more than a year behind schedule.

There were disputes about a complex electoral process, as well as tensions between the prime minister and president.

Can the new parliamentarians tackle the country’s challenges?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Zainab Hassan – Founder and executive director, Somali Gender Equity Movement

Afyare Elmi – Somali political scientist and executive director at the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies

Stig Jarle Hansen – Professor of international relations, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Published On 16 Apr 2022

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