Can Myanmar return to democracy?

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From: Inside Story

‘Silent’ protests on first anniversary of military coup which deposed civilian government.

Myanmar’s transition to democracy ended when the military seized power a year ago.

Military commander Min Aung Hlaing imposed a state of emergency and declared himself prime minister.

The United Nations is describing the military government as a criminal enterprise, and demands more sanctions.

Myanmar’s public institutions and the economy have collapsed and international diplomatic pressure to restore civilian rule has stalled.

So how long can the army resist giving power back to the people?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam


Debbie Stothard – founder and coordinator of ALTSEAN-Burma, a network of organisations working on human rights and democracy in Myanmar

Ronan Lee – fellow at Loughborough University London and author of Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide (2020)

Yasmin Ullah – Rohingya human rights activist

Published On 1 Feb 2022

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