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Regular dental visits can help prevent the most common dental problems like tooth decay, wear and tear on enamel, and loss of teeth. Most patients visit the dentist every six months for checkups; however, those with gum disease may require seeing their dentist more often. The dentist can recommend a preventive plan of treatment to ensure you have your smile in good health. Dentistry is a dental practice that focuses on preventative care. Dentistry focuses on preventative dental treatment. Your dentist will develop an individual preventive plan based on your specific desires and needs.

There are numerous benefits to regular preventive dental care. While preventive dentistry can ensure that your teeth and mouth are healthy, it also can aid in preventing the development of disease. Human mouths are home to millions of good and bad bacteria. Pockets and cavities between gums and teeth allow harmful bacteria into the body. If not treated, they could result in a myriad of health issues. If you live in Brookline, Massachusetts, you will find the professional care required to avoid oral ailments. Regular dental visits can help prevent typical dental issues like tooth decay, wear and tear on enamel, and tooth loss. Most patients visit every six months for a checkup; however, those with problems with their periodontal teeth may have to be seen more often. Your dentist will suggest preventive treatments to ensure your smile is healthy.

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